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dr. ir. MG van der Meij

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science, Athena Institute

Assistant Professor, Network Institute

Personal information

I am an Assistant Professor in Design for Participatory Transformation at the Athena Institute, Faculty of Science, VU University in Amsterdam. I spend 40% of my time on research, 40% on teaching, and 20% on managerial tasks (or, it's actually 100-100-100%).

I hold Master degrees in 1) Industrial Design Engineering and 2) Science Communication, and a Ph.D. in designing playful methods for reflection in responsible research and innovation contexts. My teaching covers various Bachelor and Master courses related to Science Communication.

My research centers around playfulness, creativity and design thinking in the facilitation and scaffolding of system transformation in (governance of) research and innovation, urban and landscape design, food systems and healthcare. In that, I am a designer, facilitator and investigator of citizen and multi-actor dialogue, deliberation and co-creation processes. I also train or support other professionals to do the same, by means of knowledge exchange processes and tools. And, I have a passion for investigating and facilitating (frame) reflection in transition contexts.

Due to my educational background, I produce various research outputs, apart from scientific publications, including art installations, board games, short films or mockumentaries, and science museum exhibits.

Ancillary activities
  • VvE | Amsterdam | Bestuurder | 2021-10-15 - present

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dr. ir. MG van der Meij