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Elanie Rodermond

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Criminology

Associate Professor, A-LAB

Associate Professor, Research Programmes - Law, Empirical and Normative Studies

Personal information

Elanie Rodermond is Associate Professor at the Criminology department, Faculty of Law and researcher at the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement. Her research focuses on the life-course, criminal career and reentry experiences of offenders, most notably extremist and women offenders. Elanie is board-member of the Dutch Society of Criminology, and co-chair of the European Society of Criminology Working Group on Radicalization, Extremism, and Terrorism (WG-EXTREME).



In recent years, Elanie conducted several studies examining the life-course of extremist offenders. Recently, she finalized a study on the reintegration and recidivism of all individuals who have been released from the Dutch terrorist wings in the period 2006-2020. Before that, she examined the life-course and criminal career of all Dutch terrorism suspects, as well as their family-context. Central to these studies was the use of unique, large-scale register-data, as well as the use of comparison groups.

Elanie obtained her PhD in 2018, following a mixed-methods study on reintegration and recidivism of formerly incarcerated women. For this study, she analyzed a large quantitative dataset of ex-detainees, and conducted interviews with a subsample of formerly incarcerated women. Together, the findings pointed at factors either hindering or contributing to succesful reintegration, while also shedding light on underlying mechanisms. 


Elanie teaches different courses in the BSc and MSc Criminology programs. In 2018, she developed and taught the first Dutch Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program in the Netherlands, after completing the Instructors Course in the United States. In this course, Criminology and Criminal Law students follow classes in prison, together with a group of incarcerated individuals (inside-students). 

In 2021, Elanie developed a MSc Criminology course on Extremism and Terrorism for students from both the Investigative Criminology and the Intervention Criminology track.

Lastly, Elanie teaches a BSc course on Developmental and Life-Course Criminology and gives lectures in the Terrorism and Security course of the MSc program International Crimes, Conflict and Criminology.

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Elanie Rodermond