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Exchange step 5: scholarships within Europe

Ask your question about grants and scholarships
Last updated on 25 July 2023
If you are selected for an exchange or internship abroad, you can apply for a scholarship.

If you are a second-year Bachelor’s student or a Master’s student from VU Amsterdam and selected by the outgoing team for a semester abroad at a partner university within Europe, you are eligible for an Erasmus+ scholarship.

Disclaimer: This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication (communication) reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. 

Erasmus+ scholarship for study

  • Requirements and application

    The Erasmus Scholarship (Erasmus+) programme is an EU programme aimed at promoting international student mobility through funding for education, youth and sports. As a student, you can receive one Erasmus Scholarship for each phase of your studies. 


    • You must be enrolled as a full-time, tuition fee-paying student at VU Amsterdam in the academic year in which you go on the exchange. 
    • You must have completed the first year of your studies and have obtained 90 ECTS credits before commencing your academic stay abroad. 
    • There must be an exchange agreement between VU Amsterdam and the foreign university. The latter is known as the ‘partner university’. You can find an overview of all VU Amsterdam's European partner universities on the VU Study abroad world map.
    • You must be selected to go on an exchange by the VU International Office. 
    • You will take care of the correct completion of all the needed forms in time, including all required signatures. 
    Minimum stay Three months 
    Maximum stay Twelve months per cycle  (Bachelor, Master or Phd)* 
    Destination Partner university within the European Union and/or EEA (plus Turkey, excluding Switzerland** and UK) 
    Selection and forms VU International Office performs the selection and will email the selected students the forms 
    Application deadline If you go on Erasmus for study in the first semester, you need to apply for the scholarship on and upload the signed learning agreement preferably before September 1st. If you go the 2nd semester, you need to upload the agreements preferably before January 1st. 
    Scholarship amount The allowance depends on the country and ranges from €8 to €12 per day 
    Finances and administration

     *If you have received an Erasmus grant before, then these months will also be counted. 

    **Switzerland is not a partner in the Erasmus+ Programme, but it does have a similar programme for students coming to and departing from Switzerland.


    Selected students will be informed by email and will receive the documents by email. 

    More information

    Check the Manual Erasmus+ scholarship for instructions, timeline, how to apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship at and faq’s.

  • Scholarship amount 

    The grant will be paid in two instalments, 70% of your scholarship in September/October (if you handed in all of the documents before mid-August) for the 1st semester. You will receive the remaining 30% of the scholarship after your return, one month after you have handed in all documents. 

    The scholarship amount will depend on your destination country. Countries are divided into three categories based on cost of living.

    Below you can see the different country groups and the amount you will receive: 

     2023 - 2024Host countryAmount per month Amount per day
    Group 1 - Programme countries with higher living costs Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden €360 €12 
    Group 2 - Programme countries with medium living costs Austria, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain €300 €10 
    Group 3 - Programme countries with lower living costs Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, North  Macedonia, Serbia €240 €8 

    You will receive a scholarship from the starting day of your exchange (including introduction) until and including your last exams. 

    Extra funding on top of the Erasmus+ Grant

    Erasmus+ Inclusion top-up

    In line with the national guidelines we are able to offer the Erasmus+ inclusion top-up to Erasmus+ students in 2022-2023. This top-up is for students who belong to one or more of these groups:

    1. Students with Economic barriers with a DUO supplementary grant
      In order to be eligible for this extra top-up you need to comply with the conditions of the Erasmus+ scholarship and have an official statement from DUO with the confirmation of being awarded the supplementary grant. On your Grant Agreement you can apply for the extra funding. In case you are unable to provide such a statement, please send an e-mail. 
    2. Students with Disabilities or Health problems
      There is also an extra opportunity for an inclusion top-up in case of disability or health problems. This amount is also €250 per month, on top of the existing Erasmus+ scholarship but can’t be combined with the ‘DUO’-top-up grant. In order to be eligible for this extra top-up you need to comply with the conditions of the Erasmus+ scholarship and have an official statement from a health care provider or organization. In case you are unable to provide such a statement, please send an email. 

      Next to the inclusion top-up, there is also additional funding available for who are expecting additional costs of studying abroad, such as wheelchair-accessible accommodation or additional medical costs. More information about the Erasmus+ Special Needs supplement can be found here.

      Students are allowed to combine the Erasmus+ Special Needs supplement with the Inclusion top-up.

      We would like to encourage all students with fewer opportunities to apply for a study abroad, and hope this additional funding will help you. In case you are still in doubt regarding your application for a study abroad, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      At the end of May, Erasmus+ students will receive further instructions from the Erasmus+ office on how to apply for the Erasmus+ grant and the additional top-up.


    You will receive 70% of your scholarship in September/October (if you handed in all of the documents before mid-August). You will receive the remaining 30% of the scholarship after your return, one month after you have handed in all the required documents.  

  • Green travel

    For the Erasmus+ students that travelled ‘green’ to their host university there is a green travel top-up of €50,- That means you travelled for example by train, bus or shared car (carpooling). 

    When you travel by train you will also receive the VU Green Travel Grant based on the distance of the partner university (for information about the amount and conditions have a look at our Green Travel Guide.

    In order to be eligible for this top-up you have to fill out the ‘Statement Green Travel’ and provide a copy of the train ticket.

  • Online Linguistic Support

    To support you, Erasmus+ has implemented the Online Linguistic Support (OLS). As a mobility participant, you have the opportunity to assess and improve your skills in the foreign language you will use to study, as well as the local language(s).  This means you can learn two languages in OLS. This will help you when you need to conduct your studies in one language, but you live in a community which speaks a different language. Take the chance to improve your skills! There is even an opportunity for live coaching via forum, tutoring sessions and MOOCs.  

    Find out more about the online linguistic support and course. 

  • Other scholarships for studying abroad within Europe

    In addition to the regular scholarship options offered by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, there are other ways to get a grant or scholarship. You can find some of these possibilities below:

    There are various search engines that you can use to search for scholarships.:

Outgoing Student Exchange Team

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Do you have a question? Mail us!

Consultation hour (walk-in, no appointment required):
Every Tuesday between 12:30 - 13:30 in the Global Room (HG-1A36). There will be no consultation hour on Thursday, 20th of February, due to the second selection round. 

Zoom consultation hour: 

to make an appointment please use this link

Emergency number for VU exchange students abroad: +31 (0) 20 6444117. This is the VU-wide emergency number. Emergencies for example include natural disasters, assault and (mental) health issues.