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Academic advisors FSS

Last updated on 13 October 2021

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Questions for academic advisors

Check the video to discover what the academic advisors can do for you.

For questions or advice on the following topics please see your academic advisor:

The academic advisor will be able to help if there are circumstances in which you are not able to study, for example due to illness or personal circumstances. It is vital that you report circumstances that may impede your studies to your academic advisor as soon as possible. Together we can discuss what is important for you and your studies and tell you more about specific regulations, such as the Profile Fund

If necessary the academic advisor can refer you to the right person or organization for further help. If you are having doubts about your programme or available courses, please see your academic advisor. Your academic advisor can also help you plan your studies and advise you on study skills.

Some tips

Check out some study tips from the study advisors!

You can also contact the student psychological counsellors for personal problems.

For further details about study skills or student guidance please go to:

Back on Track study group starting Friday, November 12

Do you struggle with planning, organizing and structuring your studies? Then sign up now for the Back on Track study group. Together with other students and the study advisor of FSS you will work on these study skills during 6 meetings. Each meeting you will make a study plan for yourself. Together we will look at this and you will learn to make an optimal planning for yourself. You will get practical tips on how to study effectively and how to create more balance in your weekly or daily schedule during busy study periods. We will also look at how you can handle possible study stress, fears or feelings of guilt that sometimes come along with this.

Participation is free of charge. Would you like to register and/or get more information? Please contact the study advisors of FSW at

Location: VU campus

Dates: Series of six weekly meetings on Fridays from November 12 through December 16

Time: 9.45-10.45

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