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Unacceptable behaviour Medicine

Last updated on 10 January 2023
On this page you can read about what you can do in case of unacceptable behavior. 


Unacceptable behaviour Medicine

  • What would you say?

    If you think that verbal, non-verbal or physical behavior is really unacceptable, you can contact our study advisors. They listen to your story and can advise you.

    What would you say? 

  • Toolkit

    An annoying comment, someone who is treating you unfairly. You don't always know how - and if - you should do something with it. But suppose you want to stand up for yourself, good tips & tricks sometimes help.

    The Toolkit 

  • Offered courses

    Also indicate courses on dealing with unacceptable behaviour, boundaries and address each other.

  • Campagne # what would I say?

    The campaign for transgressive behavior #Would I say something is a fact. With this manifesto, the Faculty of Medicine VUs wants to show that we stand for a safe study environment. Safety does not arise through regulations, but from dialogue: getting to know and respect your own limits and those of others. Together with nine ambassadors, this theme will be on the agenda everywhere in the coming years. The campaign started at the Faculty of Medicine VU, but will very soon be shared and supported by other UMCs and other hospitals.

    Curious about the campaign and our ambassadors? View the website >>>