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Good and quick advice from the RDM Support Desk on my Data Management Plan

‘Clearly explained and a lot of extra tips’

When drawing up the Data Management Plan for her PhD research in DMPonline,
Marit Bogert approached the VU RDM Support Desk for advice. ‘Within a week I had a meeting with Elisa Rodenburg, who is working for the RDM Support Desk, and Brett Oliver, data steward for the Faculty of Sciences. They gave me good advice and a lot of extra tips on aspects such as the Dublin Core metadata standard and the privacy champion.’

Survey data
‘My PhD research focuses on the question of how climate change is presented in news media. How are the causes and consequences of, and the solutions to climate change framed? In my first year, I found lists of survey data on the confidence people have in science and what sources they use. I want to combine them with the data amassed on the extent to which people believe in climate change and the role humans play in it. I want to compare data from the Netherlands, England and the United States.’

Safe storage in compliance with the privacy rules
‘Before I began downloading the survey data, I wanted to know how I could store the data safely in compliance with the privacy rules. I approached the RDM Support Desk with my question. As I use personal data, I was advised to store the data in one location and to request storage space for that purpose on drive G. A back-up of G drive is made every day, so it is safe. On account of the privacy-sensitive data, I was advised that access should only be granted to myself and my supervisor. Brett and Elisa also pointed out to me that I will also need to take the privacy rules into account in the future when I publish my research. They informed me that the Faculty of Sciences has a privacy champion who can provide further advice.’

VU Research Drive online environment
‘This autumn, the data that I have currently stored on drive G will be migrated to a new tool called Research Drive that will be made available to VU researchers. This is an online environment in which you can safely store and easily share sensitive research data.’

Dublin Core metadata standard
‘Brett and Elisa gave me useful extra tips for adding metadata to my research data. It is important to store your research in a logical manner from the outset, including a clear classification and description of your files. They advised me to use the Dublin Core Standard.

Good explanation in DMPonline
Marit is enthusiastic about VU DMPonline. ‘You are guided through the various steps in drawing up a Data Management Plan. An explanation and examples are provided for all the questions you need to answer. And there are many links to further information, such as the options for storing your data at VU Amsterdam.

As a guest researcher at VU Amsterdam, Marit primarily has to deal with the RDM Policy of VU Amsterdam and that of the Faculty of Sciences. ‘To that end, I am now looking into how I can ensure that my research data comply, for example, with the FAIR criteria (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).

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‘Good and quick advice from the RDM Support Desk on my Data Management Plan’