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Tessa Super

PhD Candidate, Faculty of Humanities, Moral and Political Philosophy

PhD Candidate, CLUE+

Personal information

I am a PhD Candidate in Philosophy with the Ethics and Political Philosophy Group at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam. Before starting a PhD project, I completed an MSc in Molecular Neuroscience (University of Amsterdam) which I combined with the MA Philosophy of Neuroscience (Vrije Univeriteit Amsterdam). I am currently working on questions related to collective action and reasons to cooperate in big groups.


My research focuses on the question of what reasons people have to cooperate in large-scale projects (such as resolving problem related to climate change or a pandemic), when their individual contribution to these projects is costly for them, and of negligable significance for the success of the outcome.

My project is situated in a collaborative research group titled "The Ethics of Cooperation" in which we (dr. Jan-Willem Wieland, dr. Phil Robichaud, Dominik Boll and myself) work on this problem from different angles. 

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Tessa Super