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dr. J van de Kamp

Associate Professor, Faculty of Religion and Theology, Texts and Traditions

Associate Professor, CLUE+

Personal information

Associate Professor in Church History at the Hersteld Hervormd Seminary, based at the Faculty of Religion and Theology of the Vrije Unversiteit (VU) Amsterdam

Director of the Research Center Puritanism and Piety (ReCePP)


Jan´s main research topics include theology and spirituality in Early Modern Europe, more specifically devotional writings and their circulation, as well as Reformation history.

Being a supervisor of PhDs, Jan welcomes applications from prospective PhD students whose intended research relates to his current research interests.

Jan obtained his Ph.D. in theology at the VU in 2011 with a dissertation on translations of devotional literature and the role of networks in the late seventeenth century (published 2020 in the series Beiträge zur historischen Theologie, Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen). In 2021, Jan received the Olevian award for his dissertation.

He publishes in a range of international journals, such as Archiv für ReformationsgeschichteReformation & Reformation Review, companions, such as Evangelische Spiritualität (ed. P. Zimmerling), and in academic volumes. Moreover, he is editor of Studies in Puritanism and Piety, book review editor of Church History and Religious Culture (CHRC), and has published many articles of popular scholarship.

Key Publications

‘Practice of Piety Translated: The Dynamics of the International Circulation of a Devotional Book’, in: Church History 92(3) (2023), 559–584.

‘Rapid Transition or Gradual Transformation? A New Perspective on the Reformation in Bremen’, in: Archiv fur Reformationsgeschichte 114(1) (2023), 290-305.

'Knowledge Communication and the Translation of Devotional Literature within Samuel Hartlib's Circle', in: Journal of Early Modern Christianity 9(1) (2022), 121-144. 

‘Piety doctrinally tested: The Reformed Wilhelmus à Brakel’s approach to the Lutheran Pietist Francke’, in: Zeitschrift für Kirchengeschichte 133(2) (2022), 184-205.

Das Denkbuch des Bremer Bürgermeisters Daniel von Büren des Älteren 1490-1515. In Verbindung mit der Historischen Gesellschaft Bremen herausgegeben vom Staatsarchiv Bremen (diary of Bremen's mayor Daniel von Büren the Elder 1490-1515), Bremen, Staatsarchiv Bremen, 2021. Edited by Adolf. E. Hofmeister and me (´Habilitation' or 2nd book).

‘Religious Subcultures and Reading Culture: The Case of Heyman Jacobsz's Sondaechs Schoole (1623)’, in: Quaerendo 51(4) (2021), 348-385.

Kerkgeschiedenis voor iedereen (church history for popular scholarship), Utrecht, KokBoekencentrum, 2020. Co-authored with Almatine Leene.

‘Reformed and Lutheran Responses to Richard Baxter: Theological Heterodoxy and the Synod of Dort’, in: Reformation & Renaissance Review 22.2 (2020), 148–157.

Übersetzungen von Erbauungsliteratur und die Rolle von Netzwerken am Ende des 17. Jahrhunderts (Translation of Devotional Literature and the Role of Networks at the End of the Seventeenth Century) (Beiträge zur historischen Theologie, 195), Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck, 2020 (dissertation, Olevian award).

‘Networks and translation within the Republic of Letters. The case of Theodore Haak (1605-1690)’, in: Sietske Fransen, Niall Hodson and Karl Enenkel (eds.), Translating Early Modern Science, Leiden etc., Brill, 2017, 41-64.


Jan has received several prestigious grants, by which he has gained much international experience. In 2013, he was awarded an 'Excellence Initiative' grant from the Federal German Government for a postdoc project at the University of Bremen on religious change in the city of Bremen around 1500. This research resulted in a 'Habilitation' (or second book). Furthermore, Jan obtained grants from EU Horizon 2020, the German Ministry for Culture and Media, and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation.

Ancillary activities
  • Stichting Studie der Nadere Reformatie | Zoetermeer | Bestuurder | 2017-10-01 - present

Ancillary activities are updated daily

dr. J van de Kamp


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