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Dominik Boll

PhD Candidate, Faculty of Humanities, Moral and Political Philosophy

PhD Candidate, CLUE+

Personal information

I joined the VU as a PhD Candidate in 2021. I work in ethics. My project is on taking responsibility, and whether there is a unifying framework to make sense of it. My interests include moral responsibility, practical agency, praise and blame, and normative powers (and many other things).


I examine questions of moral responsibility, situated within the research group The Ethics of Cooperation together with dr. Philip Robichaud, Tessa Supèr, and dr. Jan Willem Wieland. You can read some info about us here.

Here's a brief summary of my project:
When many people have to cooperate in light of important ends, for instance fighting a pandemic or climate change, it often happens that some agents take too much responsibility and others take too little. Taking responsibility is essential in order to order to solve such problems.
It is unclear, however, what taking responsibility comes to and when it can be fitting or (un)fair. In my project, I aim to provide a framework to understand different senses of "taking responsibility", develop an account of the nature of taking responsibility, and examine the relevant norms governing what people should take responsibility for.

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Dominik Boll