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dr. Christopher Bret Ranalli

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Epistemology and Metaphysics

Assistant Professor, CLUE+



My research is in epistemology, including social and applied epistemology, and the ethics of belief. I also have interests in philosophy of mind, ethics, and metaphysics, especially their intersections. You can find out more about my research here.

I organize the department's Theoretical Philosophy Research Group, and serve on the OZW committee for Theoretical Philosophy.

I'm part of the ERC Extreme Beliefs project. I'm also part of the DFG Thinking about Suspension network.

Key recent publications:

Is Radical Doubt Morally Wrong?

What's so bad about Echo chambers?

Closed-minded Belief and Indoctrination

Public audience writing:

"Indoctrination" as Propaganda

What is it to indoctrinate someone?

Erasing Consciousness

Podcasts and Public lectures:

Are You a Brain in a vat?

Integrity and Open-mindedness

What are deep disagreements? How do we solve them?


Knowledge in a Social world (ReMA)
Epistemology (PPE)
Epistemology (BA)
20th century texts (ReMA)
Philosophy & Neuroethics
Metaphysics (BA, guest lectures)
Ethics of Algorithms (Business)
Academic Writing (AUC)
Writing center (AUC)

I've supervised and examined MA theses and currently co-supervise Ph.D. students. I can supervise students in any area of epistemology, and certain areas of philosophy of mind, meta-ethics, and metaphysics.

Ancillary activities

No ancillary activities

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dr. Christopher Bret Ranalli


  • B Philosophy (General), BJ Ethics, Social epistemology, Epistemology of educatio...