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dr. Annette Kemp

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Religion and Theology, Beliefs and Practices

Assistant Professor, CLUE+

Personal information


I studied theology at Evangelical School of Theology, Myerstown, PA (MAR, 2003) and VU Amsterdam (PhD, 2009).  In my master I focused on racial reconciliation (Martin Luther King) and Anabaptist history.  My doctoral dissertation continued in this area by examing the issue of justice and religious difference/response.  To do this I examined the religious/political/social events of the Nazi regime in Germany prior to and during the Second World War.  Focusing on Dietrich Bonhoeffer's theology, I evaluated the theological response of the Christian community and the theological philosophy regarding evil and justice.



My current research interest is primarily centered on the study of the relationship between human and non-human nature and the religious perspective and response of various religions to non-human nature.  I am particularly interested in indigenous religious/spiritualities--Native American, Paganism, Goddess--and Hinduism.  A normative approach within these various groups is considered.



My teaching is centered around ethics and religions as well as the philosophical approach to ethics.  I use the theme of nature as an anchor for ethical discussion and application.


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