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dr. An-Ting Yi

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Religion and Theology, Texts and Traditions

Personal information

I am Assistant Professor of New Testament and Migration at the Faculty of Religion and Theology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In the faculty my role is threefold:

Within the research team of Contextual Biblical Interpretation, I am a researcher focusing on the dynamics between the New Testament, contextuality, migration, and textual criticism. Currently, I am also the secretary of the Amsterdam New Testament Colloquium, coordinating its biweekly seminars on topics in New Testament Studies, Early Christianity, and cognate fields.

At the Center for Theology of Migration, I serve as the coordinator and lecturer. The Center offers a one-year postgraduate program for migrant clergies, and it is also involved in scientific research exploring the multifaceted factors between migration and Christianity in the Netherlands.

I also function as the PhD candidate advisor at the Graduate School of the Faculty of Religion and Theology. I support PhD candidates as an independent point of contact and am available to discuss issues and progress of their PhD trajectory.

I welcome enquiries related to my research interests or concerning my role above.


In my PhD research, I wrote the scholarly history of Codex Vaticanus in New Testament textual criticism, tracing and describing changes, developments, and reception of the perception of the manuscript between the sixteenth and the nineteenth centuries. Several of my articles also illustrate how I approach texts, manuscripts, and perceptions among scholars from a historical point of view.

In addition, I am interested in the interactions between texts and contexts, migration studies and their application in theology, Bible translation and missiology, and hermeneutics. These have been performed in my teaching and some of my more recent presentations and publications. In the long term, I am working on an interdisciplinary research project exploring manuscripts and migration from various perspectives.


At the Vrije Universiteit, my teaching includes courses on various levels. On the postgraduate level, I have regularly lectured on courses in Migration Theology, Church History, the Holy Spirit and Ministry, Images of Christ, and Global Christianity. On the PhD level, I have coordinated the Research Design course for first-year PhD candidates. In the past years, I also taught Academic Writing and Research Design II, both for ReMA students.

Ancillary activities
  • Foundation Academy of Amsterdam | Amsterdam | Staffunctionaris | 2021-06-01 - present

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dr. An-Ting Yi