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dr. Amisah Bakuri

Research Associate, Faculty of Religion and Theology, Beliefs and Practices

Research Associate, CLUE+


Dr. (Mrs.) Bakuri's research explores the role and dynamics of religion and culture in people’s everyday choices relating to sexual wellbeing; gender and diversity; belongingness and identity formation; debates on secularism and religion, history of colonialism, slavery and the African diaspora; Racism and medical ethics relating to ethnic minorities and Black communities in the Netherlands, Canada, and Ghana.


Selected list of recent publications


  1. Bakuri, Amisah, and Rachel Spronk. "Piety and Pleasure: Religion, Sexuality and the Cultivation of the Self among Ghanaian-Dutch and Somali-Dutch Women." New Diversities (2022) Early View.
  2. Bakuri, Amisah Zenabu, and Daniel Antwi-Berko. "“What Other Information Is There?”: Identifying Information Gaps, Perceptions and Misconceptions on COVID-19 Among Minority Ethnic Groups in the Netherlands." Frontiers in Health Services(2022): 47.
  3. Antwi-Berko, Daniel, Amisah Zenabu Bakuri, Kenneth Bentum Otabil, and Alexander Kwarteng. "Determinants and Variations of COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake and Responses Among Minority Ethnic Groups in Amsterdam, the Netherlands." Frontiers in Public Health10 (2022): 761987.
  4. Bakuri, A. Z. "In pursuit of well-being: Sexuality and religion among Ghanaian-Dutch and Somali-Dutch in the Netherlands." UvA-Digital Academic Repository (2021).
  5. Bakuri, Amisah, Rachel Spronk, and Rijk van Dijk. "Labour of love: Secrecy and kinship among Ghanaian-Dutch and Somali-Dutch in the Netherlands." Ethnography21, no. 3 (2020): 394-412.










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dr. Amisah Bakuri


  • B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion, Slavery, Colonialism, Well-Being, African St...