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In our laboratory, we perform tests with zebrafish embryos to identify the toxicity of compounds and environmental samples (e.g. water and soil).

We study the uptake, metabolism and toxic mode of action (tMoA) of compounds with conventional and novel state of the art biomolecular methods. We also develop new assays to identify tMoA that can be applied for high throughput screening.

Metabolomics: We developed two methods to measure changes in five different neurotransmitter systems in parallel in small amounts of sample material.

Transcriptomics: To identify changes on transcriptomic level, we successfully applied microarrays. For easy and fast screening, we use 96 well plate qPCR systems. We recently also started working with RNA sequencing.

Proteomics: Besides commonly used western blots to monitor changes on individual proteins we used Tandem Mass Tags to identify alterations on the whole proteome.

Lipidomics: We apply analytical chemistry to measure changes in the lipidprofil after exposure to stressors like compounds.

Behavioral tests:  To study alterations in swimming behavior we use an automated tracking system.

Imaging: In our lab, we have an automated screening microscope for bright field and fluorescence imaging. At our university, we also have access to confocal and other imaging technologies.

Passive dosing: We have experience in applying passive doing or plastic free exposures.

OECD 236: We have experience in performing zebrafish embryo toxicity tests according to the OECD 236 guideline. We perform these tests also on behalf of other researchers and industrial partners. We also teach how to establish and run this test in other laboratories.

Projects: Denamic / Misse / Neurotransmitter Analysis

Contact: Jessica Legradi