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Social gatherings for PhD candidates

Come together and meet your fellow PhD students.

At the VU Amsterdam we organize a number of social events and sports activities for PhD candidates and their families.

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  • PhD gatherings

    VU PhD Gatherings organizes events for PhD students. Our goal is to actively engage all PhD candidates at our university and develop activities by and for the PhD candidates. We organize social events such as (online) drinks, escape rooms and game nights to connect and interact with students from all faculties of VU Amsterdam. 

    The main coordinators of the activities are Perline Demange, Merel Damen, Terence Das Dorez Cruz.

    You can also visit our Facebook page managed by the International Office. We have a WhatsApp group for VU PhD students, to get updates on events and chat. Contact us to join the group.  

    Contact us if you have ideas and/or are willing to help us with organizing social events. Reach to us at the events or via

  • Forum for Young Scientists

    Who we are and what we do:

    The Forum for Young Scientists (FYS) was founded in 2016 and is a self-support system for PhD candidates and postdocs at VU Amsterdam. We organize workshops to train soft skills, discuss problems and challenges related to working in academia, and discuss non-scientific themes in a safe and non-hierarchical environment.

    Examples of workshops that we organized are: masterclass of presentation skills, writing a good grant proposal, how to become a professor, leadership, from academia to industry, time management.

    Our peer group is open for PhD candidates and postdocs from all faculties of VU Amsterdam. The FYS believes in diversity and we believe that our network can contribute to connect all young scientists, making VU Amsterdam a more diverse university.

    Our email address:

  • PhD Arenas

    In order to share experiences and discuss important topics in relation to the doctoral process at VU Amsterdam we regularly organize VU PhD Arenas in the Global Room.

    We count on participation of external and internal PhD candidates at VU Amsterdam, as well as relevant stakeholders: directors of graduate schools, Portefeuillehouders Onderzoek, PhD coordinators or research policy advisors to the faculties and graduate schools, HR staff and members of VU Amsterdam International Staff.

    The goal of the Arena is to meliorate the doctoral process and figure out feasible solutions to issues that PhD candidates find most challenging.

    The first Arena was held on the 9th of April 2018.

    For more information and applications for participation please check our MeetUp calendar or contact directly.

  • Sportcentrum VU

    Choose among a diverse selection of sports and join Sportcentrum VU.

    You can try group lessons or fitness faculties one day for free.