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Quasimeme: Interlaboratory testing

Environment and Health (E&H) plays an active role in the proficiency testing scheme QUASIMEME (Quality Assurance of Information on Marine Environmental Monitoring in Europe). Prof. De Boer is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, which is responsible for the scientific quality of the annual program.

Environment and Health assists in the preparation and testing of biological reference materials that are being used in the proficiency tests. E&H is also responsible for several ‘learning exercises’. These are – often stepwise-designed  – interlaboratory studies focused on new contaminants for which reliable and comparable methods are not available yet. The learning exercise on chlorinated paraffins is now in its final phase (4th round).

Furthermore, E&H also contributes to the workshop scheme of QUASIMEME. All workshops are dedicated to the improvement of the specific analyses. In February 2017 the Scientific Advisory Board will meet again, to discuss the program and possibly decide on a larger workshop on the 25th anniversary of QUASIMEME. Further information will follow after that meeting.

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