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Organizational Psychology

The Organizational Psychology Section focuses on how people create and behave in organizations and how membership of organizations in turn shape people’s behaviors, emotions, and cognitions.

Membership of all kinds of organizations – be it work, leisure, community or religious organizations – largely define us as humans, but organizations can also offer all kinds of challenges. Organizational Psychology help us understand those challenges and tries to answer fundamental questions about human organizational nature by applying and combining insights from social, personality, organizational, and evolutionary psychology. In doing so we attempt to address questions, such as:

  • How do people effectively work together in teams?
  • What personality traits predict workplace behaviors?
  • How do leaders behave in organizations, and how can they lead more effectively?
  • How do people obtain, use, and misuse power, status, and charisma?
  • How do we optimize selection in organizations?
  • How should employees be rewarded?

What do evolutionary approaches contribute to the study of organizational behavior?

To answer these questions, we draw from a broad range of innovating research methods including Artificial Intelligence algorithms, games, observations, interaction analyses, cognitive and neuroscience methods, but also surveys and behavioral assessments.

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