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VU Amsterdam receives 2 million for 'Lifetime Development'

7 February 2024
The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (OCW) has awarded a subsidy of two million euros to Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) to strengthen its role in the field of Lifelong Learning (LLO). With this investment, VU Amsterdam aims to better respond to the needs and changes of a rapidly evolving labor market and society. "In a fast-changing labor market, self-development is not only important for enhancing your skills but also indispensable for creating impact. Those who continue to grow remain relevant. We are pleased with this investment to further expand this ambition," said the rector magnificus Jeroen Geurts.

Minister Dijkgraaf (OCW) is investing a total of over 22 million euros in Lifelong Learning projects. This involves 17 subsidy applications that have been approved in this first round of subsidies. The funding comes from the National Growth Fund for the so-called LLL Catalyst. The aim of the LLO Catalyst is to prepare professionals and the business community for the future labor market and its associated challenges.

VU Amsterdam
VU Amsterdam has a rich tradition of Lifetime Development initiatives in its education, research, and valorization. With the subsidy, this tradition will be further developed in three different areas. Firstly, VU Amsterdam focuses on developing demand-driven LLO education through co-creation with teachers and collaboration partners. The university aims to strengthen its connection with the labor market and build sustainable relationships. Additionally, efforts will be made to increase the inclusivity of LLO programs through fundraising for scholarships and collaboration with companies. Finally, an LLO office will be established to support and expand LLO initiatives.

An important common denominator in VU's LLO ambitions is collaboration with practice. The realization of the plans will be a joint effort between teachers, knowledge institutions, societal and private partners, and other stakeholders to strengthen the impact of LLO.

Read more about the existing LLO offerings at VU Amsterdam here. Organizations interested in joining the LLO program can contact Gregor Halff, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences: