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These are the winners of the FSS Research Awards 2023

23 January 2024
During last Friday’s Talma Event 2024, the Faculty of Social Sciences celebrated its research accomplishments. During the event, three research awards were granted: the master thesis award, the dissertation award, and the senior research award.

FSW Johannes van der Zouwen Master Thesis Award 2023
The FSS Johannes van der Zouwen Master Thesis Award is granted to the most impressive master thesis within the social sciences. The master thesis should have received at least an 8 and finished as well as assessed within 1 year of the application deadline.  

Megan van der Vorst won this year’s masterthesis award. The student from de master Culture, Organization and Management wrote the thesis: “The Lockdown After Math: Organizational trauma and healing in the aftermath of a slow-burning crisis.’’

FSS Dissertation Award 2023   
The FSS Dissertation Award seeks to increase the quality of empirical research in the broad field of social sciences. The granting of the FSS Dissertation Award is open to all FSS PhD students that defended their dissertation in the past two years at the faculty. 

This year, communication scientist Felicia Loecherbach won the FSS Dissertation Award. Her dissertation addresses the impact of the emergence of a very complex and pervasive digital information environment on the diversity of news consumption in society. The jury specifically awarded Felicia as the winner because they are impressed with the way in which various aspects of this pressing issue with such important political implications are addressed. ‘’It welcomes the thoroughness and modesty (in the good sense of the word) with which the thesis introduces the conceptual and empirical challenges involved, and the use of a variety of advanced research techniques. This all adds up to an interesting, scientifically innovative, societally relevant, and highly readable dissertation.’’

FSS senior Research Award 2023
The FSS Research Award aims to bring the most appealing, promising and original research achievements into the spotlight. This year the FSS Research Award was granted to a senior research talent.

This year, professor in Media Psychology at the Department of Communication Science, Elly Konijn won the FSS senior Research Award. Elly Konijn conducted an experiment with the use of a tablet and a social robot in language learning, conducted among very young children. ‘’Elly has covered many research topics, and has shown an ability to contribute beyond the boundaries of the social science field. Remarkably, there is a good balance between social science work and work in other disciplines. There is an eye on the social impact of the research,’’ the jury wrote.

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s awards! 

Elly Konijn was very impressed by winning the award and invited her strong co-nominees Naná de Graaff, Marjolein Broese van Groenou, Bianca Beersma and Pal Nyiri (had already left) to share the stage with her (see photo).

Curious about the nominees? Check out the video’s below in which every Research Award nominee tells us something about their research.

Bianca Beersma (Organisation Science)
Elly Konijn (Communication Science)
Marjolein Broese Van Groenou (Sociology)
Naná de Graaff (Political Science and Public Administration)
Pál Nyiri (Social and Cultural Anthropology)