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Rubicon grant for movement scientist Nina van Mastrigt

22 January 2024
Nina van Mastrigt is one of the fourteen recently graduated scholars who can one year do her research at a foreign research institute thanks to the Rubicon grant from NWO and ZonMw. She can take an important step in her career by gaining experience at the Justus Liebig Universität Giessen.

Somatosensation: an overlooked sense in motor learning
Most people can localise their hand with their eyes closed. Despite the omnipresence of this somatosensation, scientific theories on motor learning are based on learning from manipulated visual information. van Mastrigt  will study the role of somatosensory feedback in motor learning.

Van Mastrigt received her PhD from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on December 23, 2023.

Rubicon programme
Thanks to this grant these young researchers can do their research at a foreign institute that offers the best environment for their research. The size of the grant depends on the destination chosen and the duration of the stay. Each year, NWO and ZonMw can fund about 60 young researchers for a total amount of 7 million euros allocated over three rounds. The awards in this news item concern the second round of 2023.

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