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New book by Ronald Meester, this time on AI.

8 April 2024
This book is a philosophical, existential, and occasionally mildly technical reflection on the latest developments in AI. A healthy relationship between humans and technology requires that the user not only has the necessary knowledge but also retains ultimate responsibility. Only then does technology truly yield something worthwhile.

The discussion around artificial intelligence (AI) should not be about whether AI will take over humanity, but rather about whether we humans allow ourselves to be taken over. Developments in AI represent a new step towards a society where human intuition and common sense are replaced by numbers, models, and algorithms.

Using a model devoid of wisdom always leads to disasters, and this certainly applies to AI as well. By harnessing vast amounts of data and computational power, these models can accomplish increasingly more. Furthermore, applications are becoming more accessible. This means that technology like AI almost has to be used, even when the added value is not obvious.