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More research supported by Data Management Plan

29 May 2024
In 2023, 870 Data Management Plans (DMPs) have been created by VU Amsterdam researchers, which is an increase of 60% over 2022. The overall number of DMPs created since the introduction of DMPonline is more than 2,500. This shows the increase of awareness on the importance of data management, as well as the further standardisation of the DMP in research practice.

Support in Research Data Management (RDM) is growing, with more Data Coordinators and Data Stewards now available across VU. Apart from that, the level of awareness of RDM among researchers has risen in the past years, and especially at those faculties where “Writing a Data Management Plan” is a compulsory course. A Data Management Plan (DMP) has been proven to provide a solid foundation for the understanding of data management. 

A Data Management Plan is a document outlining how research data will be handled throughout the research lifecycle. It is a structured way to address data collection, organization, storage, sharing, and preservation. It also outlines the measures taken to ensure data security and addresses how data will be preserved and made available for future use.

A brief survey among researchers shows that those who write a DMP have a much more solid understanding of data management. Those who take the course find it a very valuable experience and a vital introduction to writing a DMP and DMPonline. Participants find the course very valuable as it helps them gain a stronger understanding of the entire research data management cycle. 

VU offers the online tool DMPonline for writing Data Management Plans. DMPonline is a platform that offers a range of templates, ensuring that researchers can create DMPs to meet the standards of diverse funders and institutions associated with their projects. DMPonline also provides guidance and example answers to help researchers answer the questions in a Data Management Plan

Research Data Support 
Research Data Support staff also notices an increase of researchers’ inquiries in RDM. The RDM support desk receives a growing number of questions over the last year, partly sparked by the introduction of new data management tools like Yoda. There is a noticeable increase in researchers' awareness of RDM tools and practices, as demonstrated by their tendency to ask more specific questions. RDM support is evolving, and it shows in both: queries from researchers and solutions provided by staff.  

VU support staff is organised in the Network Research Data Support (NeRDS), connecting RDM Support, services and solutions within VU. In the RDM monitor we look back at some of the milestones and achievements made in 2023. 

RDM Support Desk