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Dutch Prize for ICT research 2024 awarded to Dr Ivano Malavolta

12 April 2024
During NWO ICT.OPEN2024, on 11 April at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Dutch Prize for ICT Research 2024 was awarded to Ivano Malavolta, associate professor in the Software and Sustainability Research group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Professor Ad Ijzerman, on behalf of the Royal Dutch Science Association (KHMW) and Professor Han La PoutrĂ©, on behalf of ICT Research Platform Netherlands (IPN) presented the prestigious prize. 

Malavolta is at the helm of research into energy-efficient robotics software. Amid an era in which robotisation is flourishing in the high-tech industry and autonomous robots, such as self-driving cars and drones, are booming, energy consumption in these systems is becoming a crucial design consideration, including for the software that controls these systems. The development of 'green robotics software' is growing rapidly. Malavolta has undeniably made substantial progress in this innovative field of informatics.

Attached to the prize is a cash prize of € 50,000, which can be freely used by the winner to strengthen his research. The prestigious Dutch ICT Research Prize is awarded annually to a senior academic scientific researcher who has carried out innovative research or is responsible for a scientific breakthrough in ICT. The prize is made available by the members of the ICT Research Platform Netherlands (IPN)* with a grant from COMMIT\, through the Royal Holland Society of Sciences. In addition to the aforementioned prize money made available to the winner, Malavolta will record a video explaining the award-winning work and its importance for dissemination at secondary schools, universities and other knowledge institutions.

In addition to the prize money, a video has also been produced with more information about Dr Ivano Malavolta and his award-winning work. Click here to read more.