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Session with Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), University of Tokyo

15 September 2023
Friday, September 22nd, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM two (project) professors from IIS, University of Tokyo will be visiting Amsterdam for a collaborative session with ten VU researchers. The research trajectory of our guests is centered around the "Common Ground Initiative for a Generic Dynamic Digital Description of Physical Space."

This pioneering concept introduces the notion of Common Ground, a fluid spatial description paradigm inspired by the functionalities of game engines. The overarching objective here is to establish a universal blueprint for elucidating physical spaces, thereby facilitating seamless interactions between human entities and Non-Human Agents (NHAs), which encompass a spectrum of entities including robots and avatars. 

Originating within the domain of Conversational Informatics, this concept extends its frontiers to spatial descriptions, effectively bridging the perceptual chasm between the physical and digital domains. It is worth highlighting that the all-encompassing nature of NHAs underscores the necessity for an integrated spatial description framework. I have attached paper for further reference. To watch common ground concept movie, click here

In essence, this scholarly expedition aims to foster interconnection, collaboration, and the enrichment of the research trajectory through synergies with VU researchers from the diverse domains including VU SpinLab, Connected World, Hybrid Intelligence, Machines with Social Skills, and the broader realm of an Inclusive Society.