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Science in the Cloud: libraries, universities, citizens & Citizen Science

27 November 2023
In the project Science in the Cloud, universities and libraries are joining forces with citizens to create, analyse, and disseminate knowledge.

The phenomenon of citizen science, where research is conducted in collaboration with or by citizens, is gaining increasing attention. However, existing online platforms, often designed by profit-driven technology giants, lack a foundation based on public values. 

Enter KennisCloud ('KnowledgeCloud'), an innovative platform developed by libraries. KennisCloud provides a digital space where communities, citizen scientists, and knowledge institutions can collaborate on scientific and societal issues on an equal footing. Both online and offline meetings encourage knowledge development and the building of connections.

Science in the Cloud brings science closer to society and provides people with the opportunity to be involved in their immediate environment. Science in the Cloud is a promising development where boundaries between experts and the public blur. Knowledge sharing becomes an inclusive, engaging experience for everyone involved. 

Science in the Cloud is a collaboration between KennisCloud, VU University Library, Amsterdam Public Library, KB National Library of the Netherlands, Waag Futurelab, and VU Athena Institute. Their joint goal is to promote citizen science by enhancing the existing KnowledgeCloud platform. This project, funded by the PICA Foundation and running from July 2023 to June 2025, creates a hybrid digital public space where scientific and societal issues are addressed. The ultimate aim is to make this platform available to all (library) institutions interested in participating in citizen science and science communication.

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This is a picture of David Oldenhof. He is Policy advisor of the University Library.
  • Anouk Nuijten
  • Subject librarian Humanities | Project manager
Anouk Nuijten - Projectleider Universiteitsbibliotheek Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam