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Positive recommendation for structural impulse research and education SSH domain

14 March 2023
On March 13, the National Committee on Sector Plans gave a positive advice for an investment of 70 million euros in research and education in the SSH domain (Social Sciences and Humanities - consisting of Social Sciences, Humanities, Law and Economics & Business Administration). For the SSH domain, this would mean a structural investment of 70 million euros in total, if the minister follows this positive advice.

In October 2022, the first part of these funds (30% of the total) has already been allocated and it is expected that from 2023 to 2028 we will receive the remaining funds that will give the SSH domain a total additional boost of 70 million euros.

Sector Plans
Sector plans focus on making strategic and substantive choices, identifying priorities and addressing bottlenecks through national cooperation. The new SSH sector plans focus on strengthening the discipline of education and teacher education, resilience in youth, mental illness, the human factor in new technologies, social transition and behavior change, and social inequality and diversity, among others. In addition, permanent positions for university teachers will be created in the prioritized areas and additional investments will be made in local research infrastructure and associated lab and data management support.