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Participate in the Peace Game 2023

7 April 2023
Participate in the FSS | Political Sciences & FGW | Humanities Peace Game on 26 April, and help practitioners from the field to find solutions to crucial dilemmas concerning the conflicts in Yemen

Are you interested in the dilemmas of peace and conflict processes, and do you want to know more about the Middle East? Participate in the Peace Game, and help practitioners from the field to find solutions to crucial dilemmas concerning the conflicts in Yemen.

During the day you will combine different areas of expertise to solve a complex dilemma that practitioners in Yemen are confronted with in their work. The practitioners will represent different organisations and/or ministries active in the field, like Cordaid, National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Respons,  Artsen zonder Grenzen, Forum for Federations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dilemmas can be of a humanitarian, military, political and legal nature. The Peace Game will be opened by H.E. Ambassador Sahar Ghanem of Yemen. Our key note is Rajin Alqallih-van der Zijde of Pax for Peace.

You will work with students from different programs in order to come up with solutions for one specific dilemma and present it to a panel of experts. After a discussion with participants and panellists, the panel will decide which solution they deem most creative, impressive and/or useful. The winning group will receive a small prize. All the participants will get a certificate of participation.

So, if you are interested in making a positive difference in the world, develop skills that are critical for building peaceful communities and promoting social justice, meet interesting practitioners, develop your network, and want to have some fun while doing it, please join us for the Peace Games!

Participating you will:

  • Contribute to conflict solutions in the Middle East;
  • Apply your theoretical knowledge in practice;
  • Build your network through practitioners from the field;
  • Meet the ambassador of Yemen;
  • Receive a certificate of participation;
  • Brainstorm with students of different disciplines and have fun!

On 26 April 2023,  9-18 hours at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Main building, Aurora Room.