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Mathematician Joey van Langen wins Schoonschip Prize 2023

8 November 2023
Dr. Joey van Langen has been awarded the Schoonschip Prize 2023 for the best PhD thesis involving computer algebra defended within the past 6 years (2017--2022) at a Dutch university.

His dissertation is entitled "Automating the modular method for Q-curves to solve Diophantine equations". The work has been carried out at our Department of Mathematics as part of the NWO-Vidi project "New Diophantine directions" led by Sander Dahmen, who acted as daily supervisor (and copromotor, with promotor Rob de Jeu).

Joey has developed algorithms for symbolic computations with elliptic curves; these are central objects in modern geometry, number theory, and cryptography. He has subsequently applied these algorithms successfully to resolving several hard Diophantine equations. Studying such equations lies at the heart of number theory and boils down to finding all integer valued solutions to multivariate polynomial equations. The prize jury also finds that Joey has succeeded in combining theory and algorithms in a beautiful way throughout the text.

Schoonschip Prize
The prize is called Schoonschip Prize, after the computer algebra system Schoonschip, developed by Nobel Prize laureate Martinus Veltman. It is awarded by Foundation CAN (Computer Algebra Nederland) since 2011. The 2023 prize ceremony will be held on 15 December during a special session of the Intercity Number Theory Seminar, jointly organized by UvA, VU Amsterdam, and Foundation CAN.