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Impact Lab platform: collaborative co-creation to solve societal challenges

27 March 2023
Impact Lab is a collaborative co-creation platform led by researchers from the KIN Center for Digital Innovation and students passionate about empowering communities to solve their problems. The Impact Lab Platform arose from a simple idea: there must be a better way to join our forces, share our ideas, build on each other’s knowledge, and coordinate action across VU.

There are three live challenges themed around inclusivity, education, and sustainability that you can contribute to. Are you interested in creating more engaging learning processes? Do you have an idea on how to make a study association more inclusive? Have you pondered the effect of excessive consumption on our planet?  We invite every VU community member to share ideas, comment and vote on the ideas of others to co-create solutions for these complex societal challenges. Top Ideators and top collaborators will be awarded €200, receive the Innovator Award, and have an opportunity to become part of the implementation team to bring their ideas to life.

Join the platform: share your voice and start the change!

Impact Lab Team