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Funding awarded to three VU projects promoting Open Science

22 December 2023
In the second round of the Open Science Fund 2023, the Dutch Research Council (NWO) has given the green light to three promising projects from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. These initiatives, focused on sharing and making research data accessible, promise to make a significant contribution to the promotion of Open Science.

GIGAPsych: A Platform for Sharing and Merging Psychological Data
The first project, led by Dr. J. Buczny at VU Amsterdam, aims to develop a publicly accessible platform called GIGAPsych. This platform enables researchers to share and retrieve psychological research data. This project uses the automatic merging of data from various sources via unique IDs. The team, composed of researchers from diverse universities, focuses on developing standards for data sharing, automating data merging through machine-readable codebooks, providing legal documents to ensure GDPR compliance, and offering downloads and analyses through the platform.

CoP 4 ONOD: Building a Community of Practice for Open Naturally Occurring Data
Dr. B.R. Huma leads the second project at VU Amsterdam, titled CoP 4 ONOD. The team, consisting of researchers from various disciplines, aims to create a "Community of Practice" supported by an online platform. The goal is to collect, enhance, and promote best practices in Open Science related to qualitative research using naturally occurring data. Given the challenges related to privacy and confidentiality of such data, they strive to develop sustainable guidelines for opening up this valuable information.

ModelPlaza: An Open Platform for Computer Simulations of Past Socio-ecological Systems
The third project, led by Dr. J.W.H.P. Verhagen, is named ModelPlaza. This initiative focuses on establishing a platform to house a library of models and algorithms for simulating the past. The team, involving international collaborations, aims to provide archaeologists and researchers access to computer simulations that can serve as input for future research.

These three projects embody the core principles of Open Science by promoting data sharing, accessibility, and collaboration within the scientific community. By working together on these innovative initiatives, VU Amsterdam takes a significant step towards a more transparent, accessible, and collaborative scientific practice.

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Open Science Coordinator Sander Bosch
Community Manager Lena Karvovskaya