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Fairphone expert shares insights on implementing sustainable business models

21 November 2023
In the dynamic business landscape, the pursuit of sustainability has gained prominence as industries globally grapple with the imperative for responsible practices. Ronald van Harten, a notable speaker from Fairphone, delved into the pragmatic aspects of implementing sustainable business models in a guest lecture.

In a recent guest lecture for the Management of Sustainable Innovation and Organizing Sustainable Innovation programs, Ronald van Harten, Head of Marketing at Fairphone. shed light on effective strategies for implementing sustainable business models. 

One crucial point discussed was the importance of setting examples for industries by managing to limit the green premium and maintaining profitability. An illustration was made with the longevity and modularity of phones, showcasing how such practices can lead the way in sustainable innovation.

Transparency emerged as a cornerstone for success in sustainability efforts. Van Harten stressed the need to be brutally honest and transparent to maintain trust in the pursuit of sustainable practices. Trust, once gained, becomes a powerful asset in the journey toward sustainability.

The path to sustainable business model innovations, including the exploration of circular subscription models such as Fairphone Easy, was highlighted as requiring a commitment to experimentation and rapid learning. The analogy of "building the airplane while flying it" underscored the dynamic and adaptive nature of sustainable business model development.

The lecture drew an impressive turnout, with nearly 100% of the 130 students in attendance expressing a strong interest in the topic. Fairphone inspires sustainability research and case studies at leading business schools globally, further amplifying their impact on the future of sustainable business practices.