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Executive Board adopts Education Agenda for 2023-2028

4 May 2023
The Executive Board has adopted the Education Agenda 2023-2028 and the Education Agenda 2023 Edition.

The Education Agenda translates VU ambitions from the Educational Vision and Strategy into concrete results and activities. One agenda containing all our plans for education at VU.

The Education Agenda 2023-2028 sets out the four main objectives for education for the next five years. These build on those of previous editions and are a continuation of the direction taken earlier. We are working towards an innovative mindset, by which we mean that we are constantly looking for, and in conversation about, improving the quality of education. The goals for 2023-2028 are:

  1. Strengthening and renewing our educational profile and portfolio
  2. Increase student success and student wellbeing
  3. Strengthen teacher development and teacher wellbeing
  4. Optimise teaching facilities and integral support

The VU Educational Vision forms the basis of our ambitions. Every year, an Edition of the Education Agenda is drawn up, detailing the priorities for the year in question. Key priorities for 2023 are:

  • the further roll-out of activating blended education,
  • strengthening the recognition and reward of education
  • coping with the shortage of teaching spaces from within education,
  • improve educational support systems, including assessment and evaluation.

Click here to read the Education Agenda 2023-2028 (only available in Dutch).

Click here to read the Education Agenda Edition 2023 (only available in Dutch).