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EDS organizes international conference on climate change

5 June 2023
The 7th edition of the conference on Econometric Models of Climate Change (EMCC) takes place from 24-25 August at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The annual conference brings together researchers from econometrics and climate sciences. The organization of the conference is owned by a team from the department of Econometrics and Data Science of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

The EMCC conference promotes an interdisciplinary approach to detecting and attributing climate change, econometric estimates of socio-economic and financial climate impacts, and policy evaluation. A special focus of the conference is on problems that could benefit from econometric analysis, as well as statisticians and econometricians who are analyzing climate data or working on assessing climate impacts. 

We look forward to creating an engaging and collaborative atmosphere where experts from both fields can exchange ideas and knowledge.

Visit the EMCC 2023 conference site for more information and registration.