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Wolfgang Wagner researches liberal order with NWO grant

21 July 2022
Professor of International Security at VU Amsterdam Wolfgang Wagner has received a grant from the NWO Open Competition SSH. The political scientist will use this grant for his research 'Party-Political Contestation of the Liberal International Order'.

Free movement of goods and people, rule-based cooperation, and military interventions to protect and promote liberal values abroad are the three pillars of the liberal international order (LIO) that has dominated international politics since the end of the Cold War. The withdrawal of Western military forces from Afghanistan, the growing pressure on governments to defend sovereignty against international institutions and the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine show that this liberal order is in crisis. However, challenges to the LIO do not only come from non-liberal powers like Russia and China, but also from within the liberal democracies that have built and maintained the LIO.

Wagner studies the patterns of political parties' support for and opposition against the three pillars of the liberal international order in various regions of the world to better understand what is driving the crisis of the LIO.

Wagner was delighted to hear that the project is granted. “It builds on work I have done over the last years and allows me to work with PhD students who will study the party politics of foreign policy in East Asia and Eastern Europe.”

With the NWO Open Competition-SSH, NWO Social Sciences and Humanities wants to offer researchers the opportunity to carry out research into a subject of their choosing without any thematic constraints.