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The winners of the FSS Research Awards 2021

27 January 2022
Every year, the Faculty of Social Sciences grants three research awards: a masterthesis award, a dissertation award and a research award. On Friday, January 21, the winners were announced during a festive online ceremony.

Winner FSS Research Award (senior) 2021

The FSS Research Award aims to bring the most appealing, promising and original research achievements into the spotlight. This year the FSS Research Award was granted to a senior research talent, next year it will be the turn of a junior talent.

The winner of the FSS Research Award 2021 is sociologist Theo van Tilburg. The jury praises Van Tilburg's research in the field of loneliness, particularly his productivity during the COVID-19 pandemic: "Theo is a well-recognized leading scholar in the field of social embedding and loneliness. This topic has become more and more salient during the last decades and especially now when society has to cope with ongoing distancing measures, online and remote work, and several lockdowns. Theo has not only produced excellent scientific work in this field but also realized societal impact through various channels, policy bodies and international collaborations. At the beginning of the COVID-pandemic, he has been especially productive and applied for and received funding, collected, analyzed and published data on loneliness during the first lockdown."

Winner FSS Dissertation Award 2021

The FSS Dissertation Award seeks to increase the high quality of empirical research in the broad field of social sciences. The granting of the FSS Dissertation Award is open to all FSS former PhD students that defended their dissertation in the past two years at the faculty.

The winner of the FSS Dissertation Award 2021 is anthropologist Jesse Jonkman. The jury is very enthusiastic about his dissertation on socio-territorial relations, citizenship and state formation in gold mining areas in Chocó, Colombia: "Jesse Jonkman did something outstanding that won him the award. Not only he submitted an empirically rich and challenging thesis, that was awarded cum laude, but he also exceeded the expectations of a PhD thesis, providing an all-around theoretical contribution to the study of state, citizenship and natural resources. The contribution of his work will be lasting to his discipline and the regional studies of his area."

Winner Johannes van der Zouwen Masterthesis Award 2021

The Johannes van der Zouwen Masterthesis Award is the prize for the best master's thesis in the field of social science research. The master thesis has to be graded with a minimum of 8 and has to be completed and graded a maximum of 1 year before the submission date.

The winner of the Johannes van der Zouwen Masterthesis Award 2021 is Marie de Vries for her thesis for the master of Public Administration, about moral dilemmas experienced by animal welfare enforcers and the (possible) influence of anthropocentrism on these dilemmas.

Read all nominations for the FSS Research Awards 2021 here.

Prior to the award ceremony, Kees Boersma gave the Talma lecture. Boersma discussed new organisational approaches and innovative use of data in crisis management and humanitarian response. Watch the Talma lecture and the award ceremony via this link.

Talma lecture

In the Talma lecture that was held Friday, January 21, Kees Boersma discussed novel organizational approaches and innovative uses of data in crisis management and humanitarian response.