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ASI Seed Money: Locusts and Wild Honey

18 March 2022
One of the winning projects of the latest ASI seed money edition is this project about locusts and wild honey with a literature-ethnography nexus.

It is widely argued that the ecological crisis we are facing today, is for a large part the consequence of destructive (Western) human attitudes, actions and underlying worldviews characterized by anthropocentrism. If we, as human species, wish to turn the tide, we need to encourage attitudes, actions and worldviews that are more eco-centric, that is, more concerned with the world as a whole, the human and more-than-human world together. This need certainly also pertains to education, not only to its contents but also to its epistemology.

"Locusts and Wild Honey" is an exploratory project that aims to develop a new approach to literary texts in higher education in the context of the climate crisis. In doing so, it integrates insights from 'wild pedagogies', which have not yet been applied in academic teaching on literature (both secular and religious). Wild pedagogies are pedagogical approaches that are about reimagining and enacting human relationships within the more-than-human world, and does this, among other things, through challenging an overabundant sense of control and reflecting on agency and the role of nature as co-teacher.

Contact persons: 

  • Iris Veerbeek, MA, junior fellow ‘Ethics in the Anthropocene’ (2021), project coordinator Active and Blended Learning, Faculty of Religion and Theology
  • Dr. Frans Kamsteeg, Associate Professor of Culture, Organisation and Management, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Dr. Harry Wels, Associate Professor of Culture, Organisation and Management, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Peter-Ben Smit, Professor of Contextual Biblical Interpretation, Faculty of Religion and Theology
  • Dr. Kristine Steenbergh, Associate Professor of English Literature, Faculty of Humanities
  • Prof. Dr. Jessica Vance Roitman, Professor of Jewish Studies, Faculty of Religion and Theology
  • Prof. Dr. Gerdien Bertram-Troost, Professor of Education in Worldview and Pedagogical Perspective, Faculty of Religion and Theology
  • Dr. Pieter Coppens, Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Religion and Theology

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