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Recognition and appreciation - VU Amsterdam endorses coalition

13 October 2022
A great step to maximise the quality and impact of research: European research and education institutions are collaborating and joining the coalition around Advancing Research Assessment. More than 50 organisations have already signed the agreement as of 28 September, including VU Amsterdam. Science Europe, the European University Alliance and the European Commission are now working with an implementation advisory group on the follow-up steps for the coalition.

Richard de Waard, Research Policy Officer in the Department of Public Administration, explains why VU Amsterdam is pleased to join the coalition:

"The coalition's shared vision aligns with VU Amsterdam's ambitions for recognition and appreciation and open science, for which programmes are already underway. We are making efforts to ensure that the assessment of research, researchers and research organisations recognises various forms of outputs, practices and activities that maximise the quality and impact of research.

For a long time, the research culture was rather focused on quantitative measurement methods. There is now more emphasis on qualitative methods, with feedback from peers. However, this can be underpinned with responsible use of quantitative data where appropriate. In the current national research assessment protocol, this is already standing practice. We will also work on valuing broader contributions to science, such as books, software, or policy papers that contribute to changes in society. These can be just as important as an article in a scientific journal. As a member of the coalition, we can gain and share knowledge and experience on this within Europe. This also creates a more level playing field internationally."

International cooperation

Rector Jeroen Geurts already posted on Twitter that he sees the agreement as a more open, fair and inclusive system of recognition and appreciation. He adds: "This European agreement fits well with our national Recognise and Appreciate programme in which we advocate wider recognition for diversity in careers and tasks of academic staff. Good that the DORA agreement already signed in 2019 gets a European follow-up. Within recognition and appreciation, (international) cooperation is one of the pillars. The international equal assessment of research results increases the impact and quality of research." 

Want to know more?

You can find the agreement and all the signatures on the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment website.