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ASI Seed Money: Food Insecurity among Indigenous Populations

1 April 2022
Another winning project of the latest ASI seed money edition is this project about food insecurity among indigenous populations.

Indigenous peoples in Latin America suffer from a long history of exploitation and marginalization and face poverty and food insecurity rates that are on average twice as high as compared to the non-indigenous population. Despite their dire conditions, there is a serious lack of systematic research into food insecurity among indigenous populations in Latin America. Hence, given the multifaceted problems  of food insecurity an intersectional framework is needed to fully identify the interlocking power systems and guide the empirical research. Specifically, this project analyzes links between gender, indigeneity, sociopolitical, economic and biophysical factors and food security among the Mapuche the largest ethnic majority in Chile. The project facilitates a survey among 700 randomly selected Mapuche and non-Mapuche households that complement the analyses of the political and social institutions. The results of our analysis will feed into prospective scenarios and actions that should improve the food security and livelihood conditions of the Mapuche people. The research project is part of an ongoing collaboration between the researchers at the Vrije Universiteit and the Universidad de la Frontera.

Contact persons: 

  • B.G.J.S. Sonneveld, senior researcher/lecturer, deputy director Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies (ACWFS)/Athena Institute. Faculty of Science.
  • Dr. C.F.A van Wesenbeeck, associate professor, director Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies (ACWFS). School of Business and Economics.
  • Ms. M. Vasquez Ladron de Guevara, Junior lecturer and researcher, Athena Institute, Faculty of Sciences
  • Dr. E. van Roekel, Senior researcher/lecturer cultural anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences. 
  • Natalia Caniguan, Anthropologist and director Indigenous Institute, Universidad de la Frontera (UFRO). 
  • Dr. Gladys Illanes Morales, senior lecturer Public Health and epidemiology institute, Universidad de la Frontera (UFRO).
  • Dr. Maria Angelica Hernandez Moreno, senior lecturer community public health and natural environment, Centre for the Study and Promotion of Human Rights, Universidad de la Frontera (UFRO).
  • Marcelo Carrasco, social worker and director of Rural and Community Interdisciplinary Internship Program, UFRO.

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