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ASI Seed Money: Experimental Test for Hurricane Risk Perceptions

7 April 2022
Latest ASI Seed Money edition funds an experimental test of risk perceptions under a New Hurricane Classification System.

For decades, meteorologists and governments have been warning coastal communities for an imminent hurricane using the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. This scale, however, is flawed: it only categorizes a hurricane by its maximum wind speed, whereas a hurricane can also cause substantial impacts through high storm surges and large precipitation totals. To overcome this limitation of the Saffir-Simpson scale, various alternative classification methods have been proposed, incorporating information on the other hurricane hazards. In this ASI-funded research, we will study risk perception under alternative hurricane hazard scales, such as the Tropical Cyclone Severity Scale, as a communication and forecast tool. The results will provide valuable insights in how hazard scales can support and improve risk communication, allowing for enhanced storm preparations and ultimately saving more lives. 

The results will be disseminated to many relevant stakeholders including meteorologists, emergency managers, communications specialists, and members of the National Hurricane Center. Survey material and summarized results will also be available on an open-access page to ensure the project’s information is accessible prior to any future publications.


  • Dr. Nadia Bloemendaal - Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), VU Amsterdam
  • Prof. Dr. Kees Boersma - VU Amsterdam
  • Dr. Jantsje Mol  - Center for Experimental Economics & Decision Making, University of Amsterdam
  • Amy Polen, M.P.H., C.P.H. - University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
  • Prof. Dr. Jennifer Collins  - University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

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