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€100 million reserved for proposal National Growth Fund

13 June 2022
Recently, the Dutch government announced that the National Growth Fund is allocating a reservation of € 100 million for the proposal 'Future-proof Living Environment: Transition to Emission-free, Circular and Climate-proof Buildings and Infrastructure'. Our Amsterdam Centre for Religion & Sustainable Development (ACRSD) led by Jan Jorrit Hasselaar is part of this proposal.

Its innovative research line on (design) theology of good life based on hope lies at the centre of this project on urban climate adaptation. The line of research is derived from the work of Jonathan Sacks and Desmond Tutu, and in accordance with Miroslav Wolf's plea for a renewal of Western theology.

Enormous task metropolitan regions

The Netherlands is one of the most urbanized areas in the world. Metropolitan regions such as Amsterdam are faced with an enormous task. For bridges, quay walls and pavements, it is not only about maintenance, which is already a huge task, but also about making them climate-adaptive, which is the biggest challenge. These are not only challenges for the Netherlands. Regions and cities worldwide are facing the same challenges.

Future-proof infrastructure

The Future-Proof Assets consortium of 67 partners from government, market and science is committed to enabling developments in the field of future-proof infrastructure. A start will be made with the civil infrastructure which faces the greatest (replacement) urgency and impact: bridges, quay walls and roads. In order to realize this, parties from the government, the market and knowledge institutions, including ACRSD, come together in this proposal.

The National Growth Fund committee recognizes the importance of innovation in this sector for the Dutch economy, but has made positive critical comments about the structure of the current proposal. Over the next 9 months, the applicants will submit a tightened plan to claim the reserved amount.