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The Absolute: An Essay on Unity

24 November 2023 10:00 - 11:45

A book launch will be held, during which various speakers will discuss multiple aspects of Christian Krijnen’s The Absolute: An Essay on Unity.

Christian Krijnen's essay deals with the philosophical problem par excellence: the absolute. It is true that no one who tries to get an overview of the topics of contemporary philosophy would claim that it is the science of the absolute. Nevertheless, the concept of the absolute has been one of the fundamental concepts of philosophy from the very beginning. For long stretches, the book offers a systematic interpretation of Hegel's system of philosophy, which - along with Kant's transcendental idealism - the author is convinced is the most advanced position philosophy has to offer.

Hegel had once expressed himself in such a way that the force of spirit is only as great as its expression and its depth goes only as deep as it trusts itself to disperse itself and to lose itself in the explication of itself. Accordingly, the broadness of spirit also depends on how deeply it has descended into its depth. The absolute is this descent and the dispersion that goes along with it. Starting from thought as the principle of objectivity and thus the beginning point of the determination of the absolute, the author sets forth how thought develops from ‘Being’ via ‘Essence’ to ‘Concept’. The concluding chapter on ‘Nature and Spirit’ is about comprehending the world in which we live as a realization of the absolute.

Due to the systematic nature of the essay, the reading does not require any special prior knowledge on the part of the reader. The concepts used obtain their meaning in the context of the line of reasoning unfolded in the text.

For those who are not able to be physically present, you can freely join the event through this Zoom link:


10:00-10:10: Intro by Christian Krijnen
10:10-10:25: Klaus Vieweg (Jena)
10:25-10:40: Paul Cobben (Amsterdam)
10:40-10:55: Ariën Voogt (Amsterdam)

Coffee Break

11:10-11:25: Ad Verbrugge (Amsterdam)
11:25-11:45: Discussion

About The Absolute: An Essay on Unity

Starting date

  • 24 November 2023


  • 10:00 - 11:45


  • PThU 1B02/04


  • English