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A flying start for new, beginning teachers

Start-to-Teach Day

Do you work as a program director / coordinator and do you have new, beginning teachers joining your team in the upcoming semester? Give them a flying start by signing them up for the Start-to-teach day!

Who we are is how we teach

During the Start-to-teach day, lecturers delve into the kind of teacher they want to be. We closely look at what the VU defines as good teaching. We gather our preconceived notions on teaching, understand our expectations from students, and distill the requirements of an inspiring learning environment.

We equip our participants with tools and techniques that help them in their early weeks of teaching. How do you prepare lessons? How do you interact with students and build a relationship? Which teaching methods are suitable and when? Which dilemmas can be encountered when working with student groups, and how do we deal with these?

As teachers joining in September do not yet have access to VU employment benefits, program directors and coordinators can facilitate this process and reserve seats for the day. Please keep in mind that each group will have 16 teachers. The day also helps the new teachers develop a sense of belonging to a community of learners.

The start-to-teach day will take place on Monday 2 September, 2024.
Time: from 12:30 to 17:00.
Place: Vrije Universiteit, Nieuwe Universiteitsgebouw.

You can reserve seats for the Start-to-teach day through this form.

Contact and more information

Content questions

For questions about the contents of this course, please contact Tim Lampe,

Practical Questions

If you have any questions about registration, planning and payment, please contact Carin Weitering, Team Higher Education,

Or call us at 020 598 4263.