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Responsible Ownership for Enterprise Families (ROEF)

Responsible Ownership for Enterprise Families

Responsible Ownership for Enterprise Families: Preparing rising generation enterprise family members for the future.

Enterprise families have a major impact on society and are key to making the world a better place. The future of enterprise families depends on the rising generation. It is hard to responsibly share ownership of the family legacy and it is complex to prosper for multiple generations.

How do you, as a rising generation, hope to contribute to your family’s flourishing? What balance is possible between your own goals and those of the family? What role do you play in the family enterprise and how can you contribute? How do you become more confident and credible?

Rising generation family members have a key role in driving enterprise families forward. They share a responsibility not only to themselves but also to their families, their businesses, the people, and the world. 

The essence of the Responsible Ownership for Family Enterprise course:

  • Duration: 9 months
  • Two in-person modules in Amsterdam 
  • One in-person module in Miami
  • Four scheduled online modules
  • Classes
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Distinguished guest speakers
  • Assessments
  • Cases
  • Projects
  • Simulations
  • Exercises
  • Expert and peer group dialogues
  • Networking activities


Module 1 - Sep 30 - Oct 4, 2024, live in Amsterdam (NL)
Module 2 - Nov 7, 2024, online
Module 3 - Dec 12, 2024, online
Module 4 - Jan 27 - 31, 2025, live in Miami (USA)
Module 5 - Mar 20, 2025, online
Module 6 - Apr 17, 2025, online
Module 7 - May 19 - 23, 2025, live in Amsterdam (NL)

A valuable contribution to your enterprise family starts here

The Responsible Ownership for Enterprise Families (ROEF) programme empowers you to prepare for a prosperous future as a rising generation family member.

ROEF Academy is a collaboration between two world-class institutions with a wealth of experience in enterprise families: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Family Office Exchange (USA).

The VU Center for Enterprise Family Research (CEFR) at VU Amsterdam, studies enterprises at the family level. It is a platform of expertise on how to best prepare the rising generation to be responsible enterprise owners and decide for themselves which role they want to play in the management of the enterprise family. Family Office Exchange is an industry thought leader and the world’s most advanced peer network and learning platform for multigenerational enterprise families, as well as their family office executives and advisors.

Read what prior participants say about the programme!


Any questions?

Please contact Michelle Habets for more information about the programme

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
School of Business and Economics Executive Education
De Boelelaan 1105


Michelle Habets