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Deepening within the Buddhist tradition

Post-master Buddhist Spiritual Care

Buddhist spiritual caregivers (also known as Buddhist chaplains) play a crucial role in providing support during crisis situations and addressing existential questions.

From hospitals and elderly care to prisons and the army, these professionals work with individuals, groups, and organizations in diverse settings. They do this with a profound understanding of Buddhist teachings and from an altruistic motivation. Learn more about the Shared Values of Buddhist Spiritual Caregivers. The role of a Buddhist spiritual caregiver requires adaptability in trans-denominational and interreligious contexts. Respect for diverse Buddhist and non-Buddhist religious and philosophical orientations, without imposing personal beliefs, is essential. This calls for effective communication skills and an open mind.

The post-master Buddhist Spiritual Care (also known as Buddhist Chaplaincy) builds upon an academic background and requires graduate-level academic skills. The Buddhist seminary at VU Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) is internationally oriented, with opportunities to take some components in English or remote (via zoom). The seminary maintains connections with Buddhist Chaplaincy programs in Asia and the United States. This programme is unique in Europe. The Netherlands is the only European country with a government-recognized and accredited training for Buddhist spiritual caregivers.

The combination of academic knowledge, interreligious skills, and a deep connection to Buddhist teachings makes this programme valuable for those who want to provide spiritual care in diverse and demanding environments.

Official Buddhist Endorsement: Sending

Students following the post academic programme for Buddhist spiritual caregivers may, if they meet the criteria, qualify for official endorsement by the state-recognized Buddhist community, also know as "sending" from the Buddhist Sending Authority (BZI).

Buddhist seminary

The postmaster Buddhist Spiritual Care is part of the Buddhist Seminary at VU Amsterdam. The seminary also provides most of the Buddhist parts (BA minor) of the Bachelor Theology and Religious Studies, which is part of the preliminary programme. The seminary is also responsible for the Buddhism track of the MA programme Theology and Religious Studies: Spiritual Care.

Discover your post-master Buddhist Spiritual Care

Do you want to play a crucial role in providing support during crises and dealing with existential questions? Then the post-master ministerial training in Buddhist Spiritual Care may be for you.

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