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Theoretical philosophy

The Theoretical philosophy research group works in the following areas: Epistemology, Argumentation, Philosophy of science, Research integrity, Metaphysics, Philosophy of language, Philosophy of AI, and Philosophy of mind.

Currently we are working on the following externally funded research projects:


Including projectleader

  • The Epistemic Responsibilities of the University (TWCF)
    • Prof. René van Woudenberg
  • Epistemic Progress in the University (TWCF)
    • Prof. René van Woudenberg, prof. Jeroen de Ridder, Prof.. Rik Peels
  • Extreme Beliefs (ERC-SG)
    • Prof. Rik Peels
  • Neurophilosophy (NWO promotions in Humanities)
    • Linda Holland MA, Msc
  • The Information Integration Theory of Consciousness, a scientific solution to the Hard Problem of Consciousness? (NWO promotions in Humanities)
    • Ruben Verhagen MA

Academic staff members

The following staff are members of the Theoretical Philosophy research group:

As well as the following PhD candidates: