Minor Biomolecular and Neurosciences track Neuroscience

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The purpose of this minor is to offer the student in-depth knowledge of
Neurosciences. The student will gain insight into the latest knowledge
of experimental cell biology during the first two courses of the minor
(Experimental Cell Biology I and II). Next, students will choose a
specific track, either Neuroscience or Biomolecular Sciences.

Courses Neuroscience:
Experimental Cell Biology I
Experimental Cell Biology II
Molecular principles of brain disorders: Which factors contribute to
brain disease? Students will gain insight in the etiology of
neurological and psychiatric brain disorders. We will address the role
of genes, environment, epigenetics and gene-networks in relation to
brain disorders.
The Adaptive Brain: How does the brain adapt to changing environment?
Students will gain insight into molecular and cellular neurobiology,
with a focus on adaptive mechanisms in the brain. Practice molecular and
cellular biological laboratory skills.
Neuronal Networks and Behavior: How networks of brain cells control
behavior. In Neuronal Networks & Behaviour we will discuss different
aspects of brain function ranging from sensory information processing,
control of movement, learning and memory to cognition and emotions. We
will study how neuronal networks in different brain areas give rise to
these functions.
Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Experimental Cell Biology I Periode 1 6.0 AB_1047
Experimental Cell Biology II Periode 1 6.0 AB_1048
Molecular Principles of Brain Disorders Periode 2 6.0 AB_1049
The Adaptive Brain Periode 2 6.0 AB_1050
Neuronal Networks and Behavior Periode 3 6.0 AB_1051
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