Finance (MSc)

The MSc Finance is a one year full-time programme, is taught in English, comprises 60 EC, and consists of several specializations. The Msc Finance programme is an intensive and flexible programme, which provides a rigorous training in all key aspects of finance. For students with an appropriately quantitatively oriented university bachelor degree, the master's programme offers the Duisenberg Honours Programme in Quantitative Risk Management 84 EC.

In periods 1 and 2, we offer the four core courses: Advanced Corporate Finance, Asset Pricing, Financial Markets and Institutions, and Empirical Finance. The first three correspond to the three learning lines in the programme; the fourth is a methods course relevant for all pillars. Starting from period 3, you will start specializing in one of the three learning lines, corresponding to the three main pillars in finance: corporate finance, investments, or institutional finance. The specialization phase starts in period 3 with the Research Project, followed by a corresponding set of electives in period 4. In periods 5 and 6, you will write your thesis.

Throughout the year, you will work on your portfolio. This helps you to further develop your ‘soft skills’, and will guide you in the transition from a student to an academic professional. The portfolio consists of three components: career service workshops, ethics, and self-reflection. It is also possible to do an internship during the programme. Whereas we do not organize internships for our students, we do accommodate it as much as possible. The best time to do an internship is in periods 4 to 6.

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