Master Communicatie- en informatiewetenschappen, afstudeerrichting Multimodal Communication

This degree programme provides theory and methods for analyzing and
understanding "how multimodal communication works": how different forms
of it are composed in different genres of communication and how the
different forms effect communication (e.g., by expressing abstract
concepts in metaphoric terms, through the use of gestures with speech,
etc.). The courses provide an array of theories and methods for
analyzing the complexity of audio-visual communication in various
contexts – through the natural media of our bodies as well as other
material and virtual means.
There are three specialist courses in semester 1: "Talk is Multimodal",
on face-to-face communication, "Text and Image in News and Advertising"
on mediated communication, and "The Power of Metaphor" on the expression
of abstract ideas in various media. Two additional courses in semester 1
introduce students to genre design and to research on various genres of
communication. In semester 2, students choose two elective courses and
also carry out their own research, which they report on in the MA
Graduates will be equipped with theoretical background and methods
training which they could later apply in work such as communication
advising, document or website design, marketing consulting, or doing
research and training for media businesses. They could also go on to
pursue a PhD on a topic related to the study of language and

Choose electives worth 12 credits in second semester.
Naam vak Periode Credits Code Pdf
Master Thesis Communication and Information Studies: Multimodal Communication Ac. Jaar (september) 18.0 L_EAMAMUCSCR
Genre Design Periode 1 6.0 L_AAMATEC003
Talk is Multimodal Periode 1 6.0 L_ETMACIW003
Genre Research Periode 2+3 6.0 L_AAMATEC004
Text and Image in News and Advertising Periode 2+3 6.0 L_NCMACIW022
The Power of Metaphor Periode 2+3 6.0 L_NCMACIW021
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Master Communication and Information Studies, Specialization Multimodal Communication Electives LM1_CIWMC_K
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