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NB. Deze master heeft geen nieuwe instroom meer per  2017 – 2018

Since September 2009 two existing research masters (Art History and History of Architecture) are replaced by a new English-language interdisciplinary research master with programme Visual Arts, Media and Architecture (VAMA). The research master will concentrate on the study of current developments in visual arts, architecture and media - from a theoretical and historical perspective. These developments - among them, the role of the new media and the growth of the 'creative industries' - have led to complex relationships between art, architecture, media and society. In the research master both the visual and material manifestation, presentation and representation of these relationships will be examined theoretically and historically. Moreover, the arts and the media will not just be studied as separate domains, but will also be examined in their wider, socio-cultural context and mutual interaction. The two-year research master's is aimed in particular at the talented student with an academic bachelor's diploma in art, media and culture. We specifically target students who cherish a critical attitude, make associations based on a profound knowledge of their research subject and wish to develop into independent academic researchers.

The research master offers a two-year programme and consists of 120 credits. Several courses are obligatory, but there is also plenty of opportunity for individual trajectories that allow for a personal profile, on the basis of electives and tutorials (27 ec) and the thesis (30 ec). There will be time to take courses or pursue research abroad.

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