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Center for Entrepreneurship

Center for Entrepreneurship @ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA or VU) offers a lot in the field of entrepreneurship, in all education, research and support. We offer our students interesting courses in entrepreneurship, with our flag ships the master Entrepreneurship and the minor Entrepreneurship, but we have much more. We have published many papers about entrepreneurship in leading international journals, like Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice and Journal of Business Venturing. Further, a number of very successful VU spin-offs can be distinguished, like Lumicks and Optics11, and many more are on the rise.

Entrepreneurship is a multifaceted phenomenon and VU handles this diversity very well. One way of handling is to distinguish multiple types of entrepreneurs, from start-ups to corporate entrepreneurs, from social entrepreneurs to student-entrepreneurs, from lifestyle entrepreneurs to sustainable entrepreneurs, and many more. Our general approach of entrepreneurship is that of the creation, discovery, and exploitation of value-adding opportunities. 

VU activities in the field of entrepreneurship are bundled in the Center of Entrepreneurship at VU (CfE@VU). Nevertheless, the VU activities in the field of entrepreneurship are spread all over the university, even literally over the whole VU campus. Some examples are the famous courses in entrepreneurship for science students and for human movement students. The research activities are often joint efforts by international and multidisciplinary teams. And VU supports entrepreneurial initiatives from all disciplines, much wider than only business and economics.

The ambition of the Center for Entrepreneurship is to deliver a contribution to the development of entrepreneurship at VU, in the Amsterdam Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and worldwide. The activities of VU in the field are organized in the form of three interrelated pillars: Entrepreneurship Education, Entrepreneurship Research and Entrepreneurship Support. 

See below for an introduction to the three pillars, respectively. Under Entrepreneurship Education also information can be found about External Courses in Entrepreneurship within VU, the Erasmus+ project Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy, Cases in Entrepreneurship, the International Summer School New Venture Creation in the Amsterdam Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, Capacity Building in Africa and Coaching Academic Entrepreneurship Lecturers.

The Three Pillars